Affordable Skiing in Utah: How to Ski for $32 per Day or Less

Updated: Oct 28

cheapest ski resorts in utah

I’ve been skiing in Utah for almost three decades and it's hands down one of my favorite things to do. One of the big things on my own personal bucket list is trying out all 15 resorts in the state of Utah. I’ve skied 11 of them, so I’m almost there!

Ski season is almost upon us but if you're looking to get the best deals on lift tickets, multi-day, or season passes then you'll want to act now. The earlier you buy your passes, the cheaper they are. In fact, the best time to buy them is in the spring, shortly after the ski season ends as soon as season passes go on sale for the next season. But as long as you buy before Halloween, you'll be able to get discounted pricing at most resorts.

I have been looking forward to the day when my kids are old enough to start skiing with me for a long time but what I didn’t anticipate was how dang expensive skiing would become as my kids got older! When I was in high school, I had a season pass to Park City that cost $99. Now you can’t even get a day pass for that price, which is insane. Then multiply that by four (the number of potential skiers in my family right now) and you can see why I’m obsessive about finding the best deal.

most affordable ski resorts in utah

So, I spent hours combing over the websites of each of the local resorts as well as the combo season passes to try and find the best deal for me and my family. Now I’m sharing what I found to save you the time of having to do all that yourself.

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Here are what I found to be the six most affordable options for skiing in Utah with kids, ranked in order of most to least expensive.

6. Ikon Pass (Ikon Base Pass $729 for adults, $279 for kids before October 15)

Over the last few years, season passes that include multiple resorts have gained popularity. The Ikon Pass is the most expensive of the bunch but it also has the best value if you plan to do a lot of skiing and like having the option to try several resorts, including five alone just in Utah. After October 15th, the price goes up to $879 but there is a monthly payment plan option to make it more affordable.

What ski resorts in Utah are included?

  • Solitude – unlimited days (excluding blackout days for holidays for the Base Pass)

  • Brighton – 5 days

  • Alta/Snowbird - 5 days at one or the other

  • Deer Valley – 5 days

cheapest skiing in utah

The kiddos learning to ski at Alta.

You could also add Jackson Hole and Aspen/Snowmass for just $150 if you wanted to do a ski trip as well. Jackson Hole is about a 5-hour drive and Aspen/Snowmass is about a 6-hour drive from Salt Lake.

What makes the Ikon Pass an affordable option for skiing with kids in Utah?

  • Kid passes are $279

  • Great bang for your buck if you ski at least once a week (comes out to about $36/day)

  • Kids under 10 ski free at Brighton with a paying adult, which applies to Ikon pass holders as well. So if you didn’t want to pay for a kids pass, you could still take your kids to Brighton 5 times for free.

discount lift tickets solitude brighton

Enjoying the mountain to myself at Solitude

5. Nordic Valley & Brian Head

($699 Power Pass for adults before October 8, free for kids under 12)

Nordic Valley near Ogden and Brian Head near Cedar City have joined forces to offer the Power Pass. It also includes 3 days at Sundance. The season pass isn’t a super great deal unless you live near one of them and plan to go a lot. And they’re both relatively small resorts, so I’m a little surprised the season pass isn’t cheaper. They are great places for kids to learn to ski, though. And kids 12 and under can ski free the Power Kids Pass. The day passes at Nordic Valley are by far the most affordable of any of the 10 resorts near Salt Lake, so if you don’t want to commit to a season pass, it’s a still a worthy inclusion on this list. And they just happen to be two of the resorts in Utah that I haven’t tried, so I’ll probably opt for a day pass or two at each of them next season so I can check them off my Utah Bucket List.

That view of Cedar Breaks is why skiing Brian Head is on my Utah Bucket List! Have you downloaded your free copy yet?

4. Epic Pass

(Epic Local Pass $619 for adults, $315 for kids)

The Epic Pass from Vail Resorts is the one that started it all. And for the ‘21-’22 ski season, they’re actually lowering their prices by 20% instead of raising prices like everyone else has been doing. And a few years ago, Vail acquired Canyons Resort and later took over operations of Park City Mountain Resort when they forgot to renew their 100-year lease on time (oops). Then they combined the two into one massive resort. Snowbasin also joined the Epic Pass in 2019.

What ski resorts in Utah are included?

  • Park City (two resorts in one) - unlimited days excluding holidays for the Local Pass

  • Snowbasin – 2 days

It also includes Vail, Whistler, Sun Valley, and several other resorts.

What makes the Epic Pass an affordable option for skiing with kids in Utah?

  • Kids local pass is just $303

  • Kids K-5 can ski free for 5 days at Park City with the Epic School Kids program, which includes one first-timer lesson for free (register early, because this sells out!)

discount lift tickets snowbasin

2 days at Snowbasin included in the Epic Local Pass 3. Mountain Collective

($499 for adults, $399 for teens, $129 for kids before October 1) The Mountain Collective Pass is the most affordable of the multi-resort passes, but the downside is that you only get two days at each resort (plus a bonus third day at one resort of your choosing).

What ski resorts in Utah are included?

Nowadays the only local resorts are Alta and Snowbird, but it also includes places like Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole.

discount lift tickets snowbird alta

If you want to try Utah's famous powder, Snowbird & Alta are the best places to do it.

What makes the Mountain Collective Pass an affordable option for skiing with kids in Utah?

What I like about this pass is the chance to do a cool ski trip out of state on the cheap. I got this pass a couple years ago when it included Snowbasin and I loved it. That year I skied Alta, Snowbird, Snowbasin for the first time, and Jackson Hole for the first time. Jackson Hole is consistently ranked as the #1 ski resort in North America, so it had been on my bucket list for a long time. And it was amazing! Because we’re so spoiled to have several world-class resorts close by here in Utah, I never bothered to take a ski trip out of state. If it hadn't been for the Mountain Collective, we wouldn’t ever have thought to spend New Year’s Eve in Jackson Hole.

Because of the Mountain Collective Pass, I figured I had gotten my money’s worth of skiing at the local resorts so skiing at Jackson Hole was “free” in a sense.