Our key to more travel adventures: a debt-free life!


Did you know the average American has a car payment of nearly $400/month? So that means the average family is paying around $800 a month towards car debt! That doesn't even include credit card payments and student loans. Imagine the adventures you could go on if you didn't have that holding you back! We know all too well how that feels. 

In 2015, JJ graduated from UCLA with his MBA and a huge load of student debt. We made a goal to dump that debt as quickly as possible. We paid off $183,000 in debt in just three years by following the Dave Ramsey program, living frugally and making sacrifices like only owning one car and commuting via bicycle. But even during that time, we still loved to travel and prioritized it in our budget. That's when we really learned to find good deals and make bucket list adventures as affordable as possible!

Three years later, we flew to Nashville to go on the Dave Ramsey Show live on the air and do a debt free scream! It was so fun to be able to share our story and hopefully inspire others to embrace a debt-free lifestyle. 

Today, we are still debt free and still love a good travel deal. But now we've added some travel hacking to our repertoire of ways to make travel more affordable. We believe using travel rewards credit cards is a great way to make family travel more affordable, as long as you stick to a budget, live below your means, easily pay off the balance every month, and remain debt free. 


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