14 Easy Hikes with Kids in St. George

Updated: Sep 15

Hey, Minivan Fam! JJ here. Brittany and I have been taking annual trips to St. George since we were kids and now we're passing that tradition onto our own kids. With multiple state parks and Zion National Park nearby, there is no shortage of awesome hiking trails to discover. We have our favorites that we do frequently but we also discover something new every time we go. That's what keeps us coming back year after year.

There are four main areas that we'd recommend for easy hikes with little kids in St. George and each one has multiple trails to choose from.

  1. Pioneer Park

  2. Red Cliffs Recreation Area

  3. Snow Canyon State Park

  4. Zion National Park

I'll break down our favorite hikes at each one, but just keep in mind there are more options. I'd recommend downloading the AllTrails app to discover more.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is near the St. George Temple and just up the hill from St. George Blvd. It's less of a hike and more of just a great spot to go for a nice stroll and let the kids run around on some red rocks and play in the sand for an hour or two.

Dixie Sugarloaf

This is a St. George landmark that's hard to miss, with 'DIXIE' painted in white on the red cliffs. Take a short, easy hike to the top of the rock for a great view of St. George, the temple, and some killer sunsets. It's a classic photo opp.

St. George Narrows

This short slot canyon is about as narrow as it gets! Kids can easily make it through from one end to the other but it's a tight fit for adults. I'm not gonna lie - I chickened out and had to walk backwards out the way I came in. But even if you don't make it through, the kids will have blast scrambling around on all the red rocks. And next to the narrows is a cool little arch called Pioneer Park Arch. There's also a pioneer cabin built into the cliffs that's fun to explore.

Red Hills Desert Garden

This is a free botanical garden with all kinds of cacti and desert flowers. There's even some fake dinosaur footprints, a man-made slot canyon, and some water features with fish. It's a nice walk anytime of year, but especially in April when the desert cactus flowers are in bloom.

Red Cliffs Recreation Area

Part of the fun about this place is trying to find it. It's definitely off the beaten path - although it is a popular campsite among locals so the small parking lot can fill up fast. It's in between St. George and Leeds and you have to drive under a one-lane underpass to find it.

Red Reef Trail

This is a 2.2 mile out and back trail that takes you through some beautiful desert scenery to a small waterfall. You hike next to a stream the whole time through valley lined with some tall red cliffs. There are these big cactus bushes that reminded me of Moses and the burning bush!

Dinosaur Footprints

This trail is shorter but the uphill climb can be a little strenuous for small kids. This is one of many places in the area where you can see actual dinosaur footprints etched into the sandstone. It's cool if your kids are really into dinosaurs - otherwise they will be totally uninterested in the footprints.

Snow Canyon State Park

People say Snow Canyon could've been a national park if it weren't overshadowed by Zion about an hour away. Nonetheless, it is one of my favorite places to visit when I go St. George. Whether it's jogging or biking or even just taking a scenic drive, I love taking in the views at Snow Canyon. And there are a ton of short, easy trails for kids. And after forcing them to hike with us, we let them go play to their hearts content in the sand dunes.

Hidden Pinyon

This is a short one-mile loop with some of the most scenic views of Snow Canyon. You wouldn't think that a somewhat flat, one mile trail would take a long time but it is a sandy trail. This isn't a problem unless your kids are like ours and just want to stop every fifty feet to play in the sand.

Jenny's Canyon

0.3 miles. Do you like the sound of that? So do we! It's a perfect trail for beginner hikers especially because the payoff is so cool - it's a mini slot canyon! Our kids beg us to go every time we're St. George because they love the echoes and climbing in all the little nooks and crannies in the slot canyon.

Other trails we haven't tried yet but want to soon:

  • Cinder Cone - a 1.7 mile hike up a volcano. Yeah - a VOLCANO! Totally unexpected but so cool. You'll actually see a lot of black lava rock throughout Snow Canyon and it makes for some amazing contrast against the red cliffs. I haven't checked this one off my Utah Bucket List yet, but plan to soon! If you want to see what else is on the list, you can download it for free here.

  • Lava Tubes - 2.3 miles. Bring a flashlight to explore the lava tube caves.

  • Johnson Canyon Arch Trail - 1.7 miles. Closed mid-march through September for turtle conservation.

  • Pioneer Names - 0.4 miles to a cave where some early pioneer settlers etched their names into the wall

Zion National Park

Zion is one of the most popular (and dangerous) national parks in the country. People come from all over the world to climb its sheer cliffs and go canyoneering down the Zion Narrows. Its most famous hike is the perilous Angel's Landing, on which multiple people die every year. But that doesn't mean there aren't kid-friendly hikes! In fact, it's great place for kids to fall in love with the outdoors.

Canyon Overlook Trail

This is an easy 1-mile kid-friendly alternative to Angel's Landing, with views that are equally stunning, IMO.

Emerald Pools

If you do the full trail it's 3 miles, but if you stop at the first pool and waterfall it's just 1.3. Very manageable with small kids and they'll love the waterfall.

Timber Creek Overlook Trail

One of the lesser known parts of the park (and so-o much less crowded!) is Kolob Canyons. This is because it's far away from the main entrance in Springdale. The visitor center is actually located just off I-15 in between St. George and Cedar City. Kolob Canyons makes for an amazing scenic drive, especially on the trademark red asphalt. Once you get to the top of the canyon, there's a short 1.1 mile hike that overlooks the towering cliffs. Brittany hiked it while pregnant, so you know it's not bad. The views are stunning and you'll likely have them to yourselves!

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