7 Best Places to See Spring Flowers in Utah

Updated: Sep 16

Spring in Utah is a beautiful time of year, as long as you don't mind that the weather can be a little bipolar. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny, but this morning I woke up to snow on my lawn! Nonetheless, Utah has an incredibly diverse array of places to view spring blossoms of all kinds, from traditional symbols of spring like tulips and cherry blossoms to the surprisingly striking beauty of the desert blooms. If you're looking for a little splash of color in your life, here are our favorite places in Utah to view spring flowers:

Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City

Red Butte Garden is a popular botanical garden located near the University of Utah and costs $14 for admission. March-May they have their Bulbs & Blooms event featuring over half a million bulbs, including 230,000 daffodils. Check out their blog to see what's blooming now.

Spring flowers at Red Butte Garden

Snow Canyon, Ivins

Snow Canyon is one of the most popular state parks in Utah and for good reason. We go to St. George multiple times during the spring every year and we always make time to visit Snow Canyon. It's a great place to hike, jog, ride bikes, or just enjoy the scenery. But in April, the desert comes alive with colors when all cactus flowers bloom. Our kids love to joke about whether the correct form of the plural for cactus is cactuses or cacti, so we settled on cactusi thanks to our three year-old. You could really see this anywhere in southern Utah with lots of cactusi - Zion, Red Cliffs, you name it. But our personal favorite is Snow Canyon.

Blooming prickly pear cactus in Snow Canyon

Red Hills Desert Garden, St. George

This free botanical garden is another spot we love to visit in St. George when it's springtime. They have all kinds of native desert flowers, swings, a water feature with fish, dinosaur tracks, and man-made slot canyon. It's right next to Pioneer Park, so it's an easy add-on to a couple of other fun, kid-friendly hikes nearby. One evening when we visited, someone was serenading visitors with the Navajo Flute and it was one of the most serene, relaxing experiences you could want in the desert.

Alpine Poppy Field, Lambert Park

We discovered this not-so-secret hidden gem when we first moved to Lehi. The poppy fields at Lambert Park in Alpine gained popularity first on Instagram then on KSL News a few years ago. Now it's a popular place to visit in late May / early June to see the bright red flowers against the beautiful backdrop of Alpine's mountains. They used to be a little difficult to find but now there's a luxury subdivision being built right above the park, so the easiest way to get there is to park there and just walk down the short trail to the fields.

Labert Park Poppy Fields in Alpine, Utah

Utah State Capitol cherry blossoms, Salt Lake

After WWII, the Japanese gifted the state of Utah with hundreds of cherry trees as a symbol of friendship. Today, those cherry trees line the walkway circling the Capitol building. Early April is typically the best time to see the blossoms. Between the cherry blossoms and the architecture, you'll get a taste of what it's like to be in Washington, DC, during the famous Cherry Blossom Festival.

Cherry blossoms at the Utah State Capitol

Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, Lehi

The annual Tulip Festival at the 50-acre Ashton Gardens is hands down our favorite place to see spring flowers. You could easily spend a few hours roaming the grounds and enjoying all the blooms. Besides all the flowers, there's the largest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere, the huge koi pond, and the I Am the Light of the World sculpture garden. Brittany's birthday is in April, so we've made it a tradition every year to eat lunch on the patio at Trellis Cafe overlooking the gardens and then going to the Tulip Festival.

Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

STILL ON THE BUCKET LIST: Factory Butte, Hanksville

Last but not least is a place that's on our Utah Bucket List (download your copy for free) that we have yet to visit. Factory Butte is a fascinating rock formation located in Hanksville near Capitol Reef National Park. It's best known for the towering monolith but I learned recently that it's a great place to see wildflowers in the springtime. If it was a particularly wet winter, you might even get to witness a superbloom.