5 Summer Activities in Utah County with Kids

Updated: Sep 16

Northern Utah County has some of the best places to safely social distance. Now that it is heating up, you will love these places to literally chill out with the kiddies.

5. Cool Treats

Pickup some sweet treats at these amazing establishments and enjoy them outside under the shade. What kid doesn’t have a happy memory of summer shave ice and ice cream? Just be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others.

Photo Cred: Stock Photo

  • Lucky’s Shave Ice (Lehi)

  • Sub Zero Ice Cream (Lehi)

  • Harmon’s Gelato (Lehi)

  • Tower Deli Icecream Thanksgiving Point (Lehi)

  • Hokulia Shave Ice (Highland)

  • Shiver Shave Ice (American Fork)

  • Snow Flo Shaved Ice (American Fork)

  • Fro-Yo (American Fork)

  • North Shore Hawaiian Ice (Pleasant Grove)

4. Shady Hikes and Walks

Be transported back to childhood with babbling brooks, rope swings, treehouses and teepees made out of sticks. Perfect places to let the kid’s imaginations run wild as they enjoy cool shade, flower picking, pretty views and refreshing water. Be careful of high water from spring run off at times.

Photo Cred: Shutter Mountain @ Lambert Park

  • Dry Creek Trail walk (Lehi)

  • Highland Hollow-Knight Rider Trail (Lehi/Highland)

  • Nature Trail (American Fork Canyon)

  • Cascade Springs (Alpine Loop)

  • Lambert Park Poppy Field (Alpine)

  • Battle Creek Falls (Grove Creek Canyon)

  • Stewart Falls (Dry Creek Canyon)

3. See the Stars

Cool down up a canyon with the kids and park in these lots to see the beautiful night sky. Download the stargazing app Skyview if you’re an astronomy newbie. The kids will get a kick out of all the constellations and their fun names. Plus, you’ll be making incredible memories.

Photo Cred: Stargazing at Silver Lake Flat by Scott Barlow

  • Tibblefork Reservoir

  • Timpanooke Trailhead

  • Silver Lake Trailhead

  • Pine Hollow Trailhead

2. Shady Parks and Splash Pads

Nothing beats a shaded park in the middle of summer! Mature trees, great amenities and splash pads not only make it bearable but a blast with kids. Parks have been closed for a hot minute but recently opened with precautions. Make sure to sanitize frequently and stay 6 feet away.

Photo Cred: Utah's Adventure Family . @margaretwinespark

  • Margaret Wines Park (Lehi)

  • Ivory Ridge Splash Park (Lehi—Opens June 15)

  • Highland Splash Pad (Opens June 15)

  • Creekside Park and Splash pad (Alpine—Opens June 15)

  • Highland Glen Park (Highland)

1. Head to the lake

Thanks to Covid, society has gone back to the roots when it comes to getting in touch with nature. Harness the change and cool off the old fashioned way--by jumping in nature's pools. Grab the paddleboards, kayaks, floaties and lily pads from JJ's Rentals and head to these clean reservoirs filled with breathtaking views. The kids will always remember the good times on the water.

  • Highland Glen

  • Tibblefork Reservoir

  • Silver Lake Flat

Photocred: Shutter Mountain @Highland Glen Park

Good Luck! Here is to creating those summer memories that last a lifetime!